Most lawn & garden batteries are lead-acid batteries. That means that they need a regular charge cycle, otherwise they start to crystallize and lose their ability to stay charged. A maintenance charger will keep your battery fresh while it is in storage.


Corroded terminals are a guaranteed way to ensure frustration on mow day. Heavy corrosion can be cleaned with a wire brush or terminal cleaner. To prevent corrosion build up, the terminals should be sealed with anti-corrosion gel.


Just like cars, there is a right battery for your application. Lawn & garden equipment use both 6- and 12-volt batteries, make sure that the battery you need is the right one for your equipment.


Loose terminal connections can mimic a faulty battery. Not only that, but also lead to low charge rates and corroded terminals and wires. Check the terminals on a regular basis to make sure they are tight.


You need a solid connection to the battery and starter in order for it all to work. If the wires are corroded, burned, or frayed, then the starter is not getting the current it needs to function and the battery is not getting what it needs to stay charged.  Always change power leads when they are frayed or burned.

When the day comes that your battery kicks the bucket, a quick trip to Stevens Battery Warehouse to get the exact battery your lawn & garden equipment needs.

The sun is starting to come out, the grass has begun to green up and grow again. Unlike last year, you are determined to get the yard under control early this year. You hop on the old lawn tractor and turn the key. Nothing! Not a click, not whir and no fire. You forgot to pull the battery last fall and now your lawn mower is kaput!  Even if you are meticulous about winterizing your gardening equipment, the batteries only last so long. The average life of a lawn & garden battery is 3 years. You can stretch the useful life of your battery with these 6 lawn mower battery tips:


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